Connecting Our Urban & Rural Communities

Here at TJCOG, we are very excited about the upcoming Triangle J Council of Governments Regional Summit! The event will be in the Town of Clayton on September 28 and the theme for the day is – A Future Together, Connecting our Rural and Urban Communities. If you have not already registered for the Summit, please do so by following this link. We appreciate the Town of Clayton for hosting this year. I am certain that you will really enjoy your time at The Clayton Center for the event. Plain-Logo

The idea for the Regional Summit came directly from our member governments. The Triangle J Council of Governments Board of Delegates wanted to convene the region for an event and leverage the role that TJCOG plays in bringing our member governments and other stakeholders together around important regional issues. The theme of this year’s summit is important and an issue that is increasingly discussed locally and in the halls of the General Assembly.

A Future Together will be designed to highlight regional solutions that can be applied anywhere in the Triangle J Region.

The summit will start off in spectacular fashion with a Keynote session moderated by Raleigh Chamber of Commerce President Adrienne Cole. Keynote panelists include Michael Goodmon, Vice President for Real Estate at Capitol Broadcasting; Steven Bean, Executive Managing Director US Advisory and Business Development at Situs; and Napoleon Wallace, Assistant Secretary for Rural Economic Development for the NC Department of Commerce. Each panelist will bring a unique perspective on what makes the Triangle Region so desirable to business, but they will also discuss challenges that face our growing urban and rural communities.

During the opening session, we will also highlight four of our member governments during a Local Government Showcase.  The Showcase will be great opportunity for TJCOG members to learn from each other and to allow for a little bit of “bragging” by those chosen to participate. It will focus on rural-urban partnerships. Does your local government have a great program or innovation you want to show off? Apply to be one of the four Local Government Showcase participants by completing the application here.

I am really excited about our closing session, which will allow us to honor four individuals for their contributions to our region. Four awards have been established by the TJCOG Board of Delegates that will highlight candidates promoting regionalism and collaboration. I encourage you to think about nominating someone for an award.  Information on our awards can be found here: All Awards.

I hope that you will join us on September 28. It will be a great way to connect with your colleagues across the region and learn more about how we can all continue to make the Triangle J region a great place! Register for A Future Together.

Employee Spotlight  – Ashley Price

Each time I do a blog post, I am going to start highlighting a member of our staff. We have a great team here at Triangle J and it is important that our member governments and other regional partners get the opportunity to know our staff better.

Today, we are highlighting Ashley Price. Ashley is a Program Associate in Triangle J’s Area Agency on Aging. I asked Ashley to write a little bit about herself and her job at TJCOG. Thanks for all you do Ashley! Here is what she had to say:

When asked to give a synopsis of my job here at TJCOG I often chuckle and ask, “would you like the short or long version?”. Being in a support position as the Program Associate for the Area Agency on Aging my job duties span the spectrum.

If you have ever called, or if you ever call the Area Agency on Aging I will more than likely be your first line of contact. In my position I assist callers with a broad range of information related to Home and Community Care Block Grant services and other community based services, as well as any other aging related questions they may have. I also support our Long-Term Care Ombudsman program by performing administrative duties and assisting with trainings, events, and any other administrative support needed.

Outside of my overall support position for the Aging department, I also act as the Evidence-Based Health Promotions Coordinator. As the Evidence-Based Health Promotions Coordinator I disseminate regional information related to evidence-based health promotion programs and obtain quarterly and annual documentation from our funded service partners as it relates to Title III-D (Evidence Based Health Promotion) funding. I then work closely with our Aging Program Coordinator to monitor the appropriate utilization of these funds based on established guidelines from the Division of Aging and Adult Services. With all of that said, I also serve as the regional ARMS Coordinator (Aging Resource Management System, NC’s service reimbursement system), acting as a regional liaison between county ARMS users and the Division of Aging and Adult Services.  I support the security of the system by adding and removing users as these change. 

I am not sure if most would consider the above information as the short version of my role here at TJCOG, but I can assure you that it is. I can honestly say that no two days are alike and each day offers new challenges and opportunities. With each new challenge and opportunity I continue to learn and look forward to my future here at TJCOG.


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