Honoring Our Board of Delegates

The TJCOG Board of Delegates is our organization’s governing entity. The Board is made up of one elected official from each member government’s governing board (their Commission or Council). In total, the board comprises 37 elected officials from across the region. (see list of delegates)

In my year and a half here as Executive Director of Triangle J COG, I have been really impressed with the level of commitment, engagement, and support that comes from the members of our Board. Since our region is so large geographically, some delegates drive over an hour (when traffic cooperates) to attend Board meetings. That is true dedication! Their service on the TJCOG Board is in addition to the significant commitment they each have to their own local government’s governing board. Our Board is highly engaged and willing to discuss important regional issues as well as attend to the critical business of the organization.

At our last Board of Delegates’ meeting, we honored outgoing Board member Fred Foster, Jr., who represented Durham County and was serving as the Board of Delegate’s First Vice Chair.  Mr. Foster, Jr. ended his service as a Commissioner in Durham County at the beginning of December and as a result is no longer a member of the TJCOG Board of Delegates. During the Board’s November meeting, Mr. Foster, Jr. received a plaque honoring his service from our Board Chair, Ed Harrison.

Linda Hunt-Williams, who is a Board member representing the Town of Holly Springs, will be leaving the Board of Delegates at the end of this month as a result of her election to the North Carolina General Assembly. Delegate Hunt-Williams was not able to make the November Board of Delegates meeting, so I attended the December 6 Holly Springs Town Council meeting to present Ms. Hunt-Williams with a plaque of appreciation.

I want to take a moment to thank Mr. Foster and Ms. Hunt-Williams for their service on the TJCOG Board of Delegates and to Durham County & Holly Springs.  They each were valuable members of the Board and their contributions to the regional conversation will be greatly missed.

We don’t often enough stop to just say thank you to the elected officials who volunteer their time to serve on the TJCOG Board of Delegates.  Our Board is extremely supportive of this organization and our staff, so from myself and the TJCOG staff, thank you for your service to TJCOG and the great region we all serve.


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  1. Lee thank you and the staff of TJCOG for your dedication in making this all happen. Without each of you, we would just be people sitting around a big table enjoying dinner and eacother’s company. It’s amazing when people who have a desire to serve those who sent them here quickly amend their view of local service to that of service of the greater good of all TJCOG.
    Thanks to ALL
    Mark Wilson, Archer Lodge


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