Integrated Water Management in the Burgeoning Triangle Region

Today's guest blogger, Jen Schmitz, recently joined the TJCOG team as a Principal Planner with our Water Resources program, focusing on water quality, water supply, and long-term regional water availability projects. She is excited to provide technical assistance and support to our local governments on collaborative water resource management and planning. We are happy to have her onboard! …

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Let’s Talk Community Livability

The Triangle J Council of Governments region is facing the prospect for continued significant growth. Projections indicate that our region increase by another 1 million residents during the next generation.  Equally significant is how our regional demographics will change over this time period, particularly the growth of older adults. In 2014, our region had 241,835 residents …

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Kidonomics and the Triangle J Region

On Tuesday, February 7, I had the great privilege to serve on a panel discussion as part of the Institute for Emerging Issues (IEI) Kidonomics Forum. The event was held at the Hunt Library on NC State’s Centennial Campus. The full agenda for the day, including significant background information, can be found on the IEI’s …

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Recognizing Our Best Workplaces for Commuters

One of our outstanding TJCOG employees, Mary Sell, has taken over my blog this week to write about our Best Workplace for Commuters (BWC) program. Mary has a Master’s of Science in Environmental Policy & Planning from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and a B.A in International Relations from Michigan State University. Prior to working at TJCOG, …

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Honoring Our Board of Delegates

The TJCOG Board of Delegates is our organization's governing entity. The Board is made up of one elected official from each member government’s governing board (their Commission or Council). In total, the board comprises 37 elected officials from across the region. (see list of delegates) In my year and a half here as Executive Director of …

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Affordable Housing in the Triangle

Last Tuesday, September 20, Triangle J Council of Governments partnered with the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, the FDIC and Enterprise Community Partners to present the Triangle Regional Housing Summit. It was a great afternoon filled with discussions and panels from housing agencies, developers, elected officials, and members of the finance community from across the region. …

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Welcome to my Blog! I am excited for this opportunity to share with you many of the exciting programs and initiatives going on at Triangle J Council of Governments. I will also use this forum to highlight how our work, and its outcomes, are not possible without the support of our 37 member governments and …

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